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Valentines Day (14 Feb)

Valentine's Bouquets

For a love that lasts the ages, flowers are a gift that’s stood the test of time. Our romantic Valentine’s Day bouquets are the tried-and-true symbol of your heartfelt bond.

14th Feb, 2015, valentines day flowers for love ones

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The F’love’ry Valentine Connection!

The history of giving your loved one flowers, comes from the old-fashioned custom of sending floral bouquets to pass on non-verbal messages. Throughout history, lovers have given flowers to each other as a token of their longing, devotion, and love. The language and meaning of flowers have evolved through the years. Today, it has become one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

Flowers speak the silent but eloquent language of love. However, no other flower has had so many odes written for it or has come to symbolize love as much as the rose, and the red rose in particular. In fact, Valentine's Day can't be the same without a fragrant bouquet of long-stemmed roses! Interestingly, it was not uncommon for people to exchange flowers in Persia. Europe caught on to the idea when Charles II of Sweden introduced this Middle Eastern custom of 'the language of flowers' in the 1700s.

But, exactly when did the rose gets elevated to this status, racing past all the other blooms to win the top honors? As is so often the case, the answer lies in Roman mythology where the red rose was said to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. In Elizabethan times in England, the languages of flowers were utilized to encode highly personal messages to prospective loved ones. The language of flowers plays a role in literature too. Even Shakespeare utilized flowers in his writings.

What to do On Valentines if you are single

Most people at this time of the year, especially if they are not in a romantic relationship, feel that they are lonely. But it is important to understand that a romantic relationship is not the prerequisite for celebrating life or feel good at this time of the year. Here are a few great ideas to celebrate life if you are single-

Remember that belong single does not mean that you are lonely-  So what if you are not in a relationship that does not mean that you cannot be in love or celebrate love. Don’t feel low rather celebrate the love around you by spending time with your family or friends. And remember that the love around you is unconditional and true- so go out and celebrate love and have loads of fun.

Go out and celebrate with yourself- This is the time of the year to celebrate – so if you love yourself the most go out and do things that make you happy. Do whatever you want to- read a good book, treat yourself to a spa or a gym and just love yourself.

Valentine’s Day for all

This is the day of love, so you need to feel love, and the best thing to do on this day is to spend some quality time with your loved one. And that can be done in various ways- Go out to a nice restaurant or create a special dinner with candle lights and music at home, cuddle with your loved one on a couch and watch a movie, avoid net and phones for those few hours, get some chocolates and flowers and just make that significant person feel loved and special.

The whole idea about this day is to love and be loved so go ahead and celebrate the day in a way that makes you happy and contended. 


Flowers to Express your Love – Valentine Flowers for You

Blossoms are simply wonderful. There are doubtlessly many delightful blooms that can win the heart through the touch of affection and romance.

If you are planning to express your profound affection to that exceptional somebody, then flowers are your perfect companion in the crime. What can be better than flowers to express love to someone special?

Blossoms are a blessing that can never develop disagreeable feelings. A new bloom bunch will take your cherished one off guard when she slightest needs it. Do not sit tight for a specific event to express your affection with blossoms. Your sweet heart will recollect your flower blessing for months to come when you send the blossoms on whatever possible day. Light up your sweet hearts home or office with crisp blooms. Love blossoms can bring about a significant improvement.

These love or Valentine blossoms as often called come in astonishing colors to add something truly unique to the day.

Flowers of Love

There are an extensive variety of valentine blossoms that incorporate colored posies and dazzling bundles. Roses are around the official valentine blooms as they are delightful, mean the inclination of adoration and have, since a quite long time been a most loved around revellers. Red roses specifically are the best adored Valentine’s Day blooms that have managed the perch for long. Perfect posies including delightful red roses make the celebration all the more extraordinary. Red is typical of the heart and henceforth signifies profound adoration.

In addition roses, carnations with serrated edges are acknowledged to be an enormous hit with expressing love. Carnations are acknowledged to be durable yet multifaceted in structure. The excuse for why some individuals will pick carnations to give as Valentine blossoms is a result of their rich, strong and hot fragrance. The scent of cloves and the numerous dainty petals of the carnation all appear to pass on the thought that these excellent blossoms are perfect to have as an image of affection. Bundle of profound red carnations makes splendid Valentine Flowers. Lilies, orchids, daisies, gerberas and arranged blossoms likewise make proper Valentine’s Day endowments. The Iris is additionally picked as one of the numerous Valentine blossoms. The other Valentine blossoms could be tulips, and daffodils.

Guide to Your Flowers for Love

Make certain to pick a bundle of blossoms that send the message you plan to send. Not just do distinctive blossoms have diverse implications; each one color of a bloom has a particular importance. This Valentine's Day, there's no motivation to play it protected with the Valentine bloom standby-red roses. There's such a variety of vivid love blossom alternatives that express your adoration as unmistakably yet can do so in a more extraordinary, customized way.

Here are some Valentine blossoms, which have distinctive shades of importance.

Acacia - Send these regularly yellow blossoms to your special one as they symbolize mystery love.

Amaranth - Blooming in purple, red and gold, these blooming herbs are now and then acknowledged weeds. Simply don't tell your Valentine.

Carnations - These Valentine blossom bunch implies love the most. Red and white are best for a message of adoration.

Coxcomb - Not your accepted bloom, the Coxcomb has a fire like blossom that truly makes an impression.

Daffodils - If your adoration in unrequited, send daffodils. Perhaps your Valentine will respond your emotions of affection when she sees these wonderful yellow blossoms.

Dandelions or Jonquil - These blooms say "love me." Appeal to your Valentine with yellow dandelions or yellow or white Jonquil otherwise called Narcissus.

Daisy - Want to express your reliability? Pick a Valentine blossom bunch of customary white daisies.

Everlastings - The same portrays this sensitive bloom's significance. Furthermore you can look over numerous shades of pink.

Forget me nots - One of the few blue blossoms on the Valentine bloom record, forget me-nots say accurate or dedicated adoration.

Gloxinia - These are substantial, smooth blooms that take after African violets. Pick purple, dim pink or red to tell your Valentine it’s all consuming, instant adoration.

Iris - These purple delights symbolize "promise in adoration."

Lotus - Exotic and bright, not to be befuddled with water lilies, lotus blossoms will wow your Valentine.

Myrtle bloom - If its married affection you're praising this Valentine's Day send your companion the fragile and fragrant white myrtle blossoms.

Orchid - More costly than numerous other Valentine bloom decisions, however worth the trouble when you need to send a sensational affirmation of adoration.

Violets - Whether they're purple, pink or white, these excellencies are a standard approach to say "I cherish you." 

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