Use Flowers to Bring Exquisiteness to Your Theme Parties

silk flowersThemes based or cartoon characters, exotic locations, color co-ordination and what not, keep counting and the finger tips would fall short. Nowadays parties are increasingly becoming theme based just to maintain the craze, the hype and fun of throwing a party. Theme based parties definitely are the ones that would keep you holding your breath and curiosity to the final look and feel of the party.

Ideas for a themered

Red: Power, love, lust

Moving on to more colors, every color has associated flowers to it. If the theme is red, no marks for guessing the flower would be rose. But beating this traditionally acclaimed symbol of love are several flowers that lead the legacy of theme parties. Nowadays red gerbera daisies and carnations are taking the lead when it comes to decorating theme parties. Gerbera daisies come in bright red that light up the surroundings of the party and make the environment lively owing to its loud color. Carnations come in a shade of blood red that symbolize good luck and bring about a vibe of happiness in the party, keeping the mood merry and joyful. Tulips are another option when one plans an exotic theme of red for their party and a grand one. Tulips come in a shade of blazing red and are grown in special conditions, so if one has moolah to shell out one can go for tulips to decorate the theme party.purple 145cf4814ac655696e9128d2b1a2a0bd

Purple: Enigmatic, graceful

Another loud and vibrant color is purple that symbolizes charm, grace and exudes an air of mystery. Purple flowers can be placed when having a mystical theme like Halloween. Purple would make the surroundings of the party loud, vibrant and add a glint of mystery to the theme. Purple flowers can also be accompanied with wine, so that everything goes well with the purple color! The simplest and widely available flowers to come to one’s mind are the stars of God or asters as they are commonly called. Asters can be used for the décor of a purple themed party since they bring good luck. Purple pansies come in a rich shade of purple, a shade that brings in mind elegance and grace. When there is a summer party theme with a touch of purple, heliotropes can always be used to decorate the front doors of the party venue. Heliotropes are a natural way of adorning the venue and welcoming the guests because of their enchanting beauty and mesmerizing sweet fragrance. Purple tulips are again an exotic variety of flowers, so those with big hearts and big wallets can definitely throw a theme party that has purple tulips as a part of the dé

Pink: pristine, subtle

Pink, a subtle, soothing shade, typically a woman’s favorite can also be the color for a theme party. Pink flowers can be used for the theme of a baby shower or a women centric party. Since pink portrays innocence and affection, pink flowers can be used for the décor of a kid’s birthday party. Pink brings in mind pink roses that can be used to make the party look welcoming and also to spread a sweet scent all across the party. Pink carnations can also be used for a themed party, since carnations are termed as a symbol of good lock and affection. Tulips come in a shade of pink and these though specially cultivated can still be found at the flower shop. From the dark hues of love and mystery to the subtle shades of innocence, theme parties can be organized in a myriad ways owing to the availability of flowers of myriad colors.