The Top Flowering Plants Pollinated by Bees and Butterflies

gardeningRegarding gardening

Gardening is one of the best hobbies of many people round the Earth. For the sake of flower gardening, the best pollination flowers are to be used. Pollination is the process by which the pollen grains of the flowers are transferred from one place to another with the feet of the bees and the butterflies. By this method new flower plants grow in the gardens. Thus, this is the most natural way of flowering plant growth in extensive gardens in the world. There are some species of flowers in the world who are more prone to pollination than other flowers.

The types

The following are some types of pollination flowers:

  • Aster x frikartii
  • Butterfly bush
  • Butterfly weed
  • Fennel
  • Lantana
  • Bee balm

All the above-mentioned types of flowers are best suited in the automatic pollination process by the bees and the butterflies. These flowers are very bright and gorgeous in looks with a sweet smell. These flowering plants are very easily pollinated from one place to another very easily. These plants do not need any special means for the reproduction process. The entire reproduction process is natural and with the help of the flying insects.

Aster x frikartiiThe Aster x frikartii flowering plant

This is a very beautiful species of flowering plant with violet colored flower petals and yellow centers. In the early summer months the butterflies sit on these flowers and carry the pollen grains from the flowers. They do this while they sip from these flowers. The nature of this plant is perennial. The plant also contains deep green leaves and stems. These plants do not need any special care or maintenance to grow. They grow up and reproduce very easily. Thus, these flowering plants are very easy to grow in the gardens as well as nurseries.

butterfly bush plantThe butterfly bush plant

This is an easily pollinated flowering plant with many attractive features. Slender flower cones grow in the spring and summer season of the year. The flowers also grow in a wide color range like bright to light shaded colors. The nature of the plant is deciduous or evergreen. The color of the leaves and stem of the flowers are deep green. These plants live for a very long period of time. The flowers and leaves of the plants are very bright and evergreen. Thus, these add to the beautification of the floral gardens. These plants change the whole look of the garden.

fennel flowersThe fennel flowers

These are very beautiful flowers with yellow florets which look like umbrellas. The color of the flowers is bright yellow. Thus, these attract the bees and the butterflies very easily. The nature of the flowering plant is perennial or annual. The bushy florets or the pollens are very easily carried by the bees and the butterflies over distances. This pollination takes place mostly during the summer season of the year.

Lantana floweringThe Lantana flowering plants

These are very exclusive types of flower plants where the po0llend are very easily carried by the flying insects. The plant grows tiny flowers in thick and tight clusters on the bunches. The flowers are usually red, orange or yellow in color. It is an evergreen shrub and pollinate in the summer. The shrub is annual in the winter season. The deep green leaves of the plants add to the shrub beautification. The plants also need a very little cost and efforts to grow and reproduce.

bee balm plantsRegarding the bee balm plants

The flowers bloom in the plants in long and tube like clusters. In the summer season the brightly colored flowers attract the butterflies, bees and even hummingbirds who largely contribute to the pollination process of the plants. The plant is perennial in nature. The plants grow best in the light shade, sun and even in the hottest climates in the year. The plant is famous for attracting the bees in large numbers due to the bright color of the flowers.

borageThe borage plants

These pants are always pollinated by the bees and grow in large number. This flowering plant is characterized by star shaped bright colors in the summer season. The plant thrives best in the partial shade, sun or annual seasons. The flowers look very much thick bushy and beautiful. Thus, these easily pollinated flowering plants are very popular.

Oregano floweringThe Oregano flowering plants

It is one of the most famous and beautiful types of flowering plants which are mostly pollinated by the bees and the butterflies. It is a perennial herb. It grows best in partial shade or the sun. The plant hugely attracts the bees, butterflies and the humming birds too for the pollination process. The flowers bloom in mixed colors in the bunches at the branches of this plant. These plants enhance the looks of the garden where it grows. Thus, it is very popular worldwide.