The Art of Arranging Flowers in a Vase

flowers in vaseHistory of Flower Arrangement in a vase

It is believed that the Chinese were the first ones to put cut flowers in water container and it was in Japan that flower arrangement became an art. Japanese people take flower arrangement in a vase very seriously and consider it as a subject that needs to be studied and practiced. Later in Europe people started putting flowers in vases and large and beautiful vases made of precious metals and stones were crafted. And thus with time the art of flower arrangement in vase spread all over the globe and is considered a thing of beauty vase

How to arrange Flowers in vase

Nonetheless, you always have the option to cut the flowers to the length you require before starting the flower arrangement.

Put the greenery first to provide a backdrop to the flower arrangement, you can use ferns or leather leaf as they really look nice.Vase

Now place the flower vase in the middle of the table and start placing your flowers make sure that you can go all around the vase as then you can judge how it looks from all sides do justice to the arrangement. Another important thing to remember is that a flower arrangement in a vase always looks better when you have a focal point in the arrangement like a few brightly coloured or large dominant flowers. Place all the flowers individually never bunch them up, every flower can be given a different angle to give the arrangement a balanced feel.

If you have smaller flowers they can be added lastly and finally you can add some foliage of your choice to fill up the small gaps left.