How to Preserve and Arrange the Dried Flowers

dried flowersThe dried flower preservations

The dried flowers can be preserved at home for the next season of the year. There are very special bouquet for arranging and preserving the dried flowers for a long period of time until the very nest seasons of the year. Almost all the flower types can be kept preserved in the dried form. These dried flowers can be kept in various beautiful flower arrangements like bunches, bouquets and vases. The dried flowers can be best preserved in all these types of floral arrangements.

The needed things

The following things are needed to preserve the dried flowers:

  • Dried flowers
  • Jar
  • Hairspray

The dried flowers are kept in jars in numerous floral arrangements. Hairsprays are effectively used to put the flower bunches together in correct combinations in the flower arrangements. These preserved dried flowers look equally bright and beautiful as the freshly plucked flowers except the smell. Only the scent is not present in the dry flower arrangements. The dried flowers are preserved by many reputed florists round the world. These are also available online on the website of these florist companies in the “dried flower” category. The prices of these flowers are also quite reasonable with longer durability.


First step

It must be ensured at first that all the flowers are totally dried. The best and the fastest way to dry the flowers is to hang the flowers upside and down in a dry and warm dark room. Then, the flower is to be bundled by the stem and making them secure with the help of a rubber band. After that, hang them in upside and down fashion by hook in order to dry them completely. Then, the flowers are to be left untouched until they become drier. This process may take a longer time starting from 2 weeks to 1 month. It should be ensured that the place selected to dry the flowers is a place with lower humidity level. Atmosphere with high humidity can hinder the drying process of the flowers.

Second step

In this step, the dried flowers should be sprayed all over by hairspray. This is to be done to prevent the flowers from falling here and there apart in the nick of time. The flower arranger must also be careful not to spray too much Hairspray over the flowers. The moisture content present in the hairspray chemical may have a very negative effect in the drying and arranging process of the flowers. A light coat of hairspray must be applied on the flowers to bind them together.

Third step

The person has to decide the exact application of the dried flower whether he wants to keep them at home for the decoration purposes. If the flowers are to be used for decoration purposes, then a clear glass jar must be arranged first. The dried flowers are to be placed carefully inside the glass jar. The glass jar should be provided with a lid that can be closed and keeping the elements out. The jar should be placed in an area which is away from direct rays of the sun.

Fourth step

In this step the dried flowers must be wrapped up in a newspaper and to be placed in a shoe box for a while. The shoe box should be placed in a dry and warm place in the house. Care must be taken not to crush the newspaper since the dry flowers are very fragile. The newspapers must be kept as flat as possible. All these things must be done utmost carefully without hurting the fragile dried flowers in some way.dry floral arts

Freezing the dry flowers

The dry flowers can be kept well for a longer period of time by freezing them with the help of silica gel and keeping in freezing equipment. It usually takes 12 hours for the completion of the entire process. The dried flowers usually freeze at 5 degree Farenheit.

All the process and the steps mentioned above are best suited to preserve the flowers in the best dried condition for a very long period of time. Selling of the dry flowers is a very big business in the florist industry for past many years.