Help! I need to buy Flowers for my Anniversary

facebook-1200-627So, it’s your anniversary, congratulations, you’ve reached another milestone in your marriage. There is no doubt that there is nothing like a bunch of flowers to say ‘I love you’ and they represent romance and beauty. The love of your life will have a smile from ear to ear when you give a bouquet of flowers. But how in the world do you know what bouquet to buy with so much available.

There isn’t one specific way that you can choose flowers, but you can bear a couple of things in mind like favourite flowers, what the flower means and what the colour means as well as what flowers are traditionally associated with the anniversary year. For example, you don’t want to send a bunch of yellow carnations as they are oftenassociated as a sign of rejection or disappointment. That probably wouldn’t go down too well.

The easiest way to choose a bouquet is based on your loved one’s favourite flowers and it can be very romantic too, as often a favourite flower has a special meaning. You could also consider something like the first bunch of flowers you ever gave your loved one, as this will delight and impress them as they’ll be thrilled at your memory of a special occasion you shared together.

Another way to choose an anniversary bouquet is to understand the meaning of flowers. But it’s not just the meaning of flowers that’s important, it’s the colour too, as different colours of different flowers have different meaning, take the yellow carnation example we gave you earlier whereas other colours of carnations are associated with fascination, distinction, and love.If you use a combination of flowers and colours, the whole bouquet could have a very powerful meaning of love.offic eflowers

There are some flowers that are typically found in anniversary bouquets, such as chrysanthemums, being a symbol of fidelity and they can be a great choice for declaring your commitment. Other flowers have a more romantic meaning such as peonies and roses. Peonies shout out ‘I love you’, while roses are all about love and passion as well.

Red camellias could be a great choice as they have a strong meaning of saying to your loved one that they light a flame in your heart, or pink camellias say that you think they’re adorable. So you could mix the two together and have a very romantic bouquet of love.

You could think about how long you’ve been married and which anniversary you’re celebrating. For example daffodils are given to show chivalry and love and are often used on the tenth anniversary, while carnations, not yellow, are given on the first anniversary. On a fiftieth anniversary, for example violets and yellow roses can be a great combination to show your commitment and lasting union.

We’ve spoken about a few flowers, but here are some meanings of flowers to help you on your way.valetines day bouquet


Of course we know that red roses show passionate love, but pink roses for example mean friendship and white roses mean purity. Using all these colours together for a bouquet for your anniversary will definitely have a powerful message of love and unity.


Orchids are a popular choice, hardly surprisingly due to their beauty too. But what do they mean? As the orchid’s flowers and stem are in perfect symmetry they represent beauty and perfection. Nowadays the pink orchid is given as a 14th wedding anniversary flower to represent affection, beauty, and perfect love.


The chrysanthemum has a long history and they symbolise optimism and joy. These are mostly given as a 13th anniversary gift.


The iris symbolises luck and good news as well as strength and power. The iris is given on a 25th wedding anniversary.floral7


The tulip represents many things but this depends on the colour. Yellow tulips mean happy thoughts, while white tulips represent forgiveness and purple tulips represent royalty. The red tulip symbolises perfect love. Tulips are often given on an 11th wedding anniversary. The tulip’s dark centre is meant to represent a lover’s heart that has been darkened by the intensity of passionate love.

Hopefully this has helped you to choose the perfect bouquet of flowers for your anniversary, which has the right meaning showing your true love! Happy anniversary.