Healthy And Happy Roses In Your Garden

spring-rose-gardenA Comprehensive Guide On Planting Roses In Winter: – Healthy And Happy Roses In Your Garden

Roses are the most beautiful flowers that attract everyone. The resilience, beauty and fragrance of this amazing flower is irresistible. Everything about roses makes it favorite of the majority of the people. There are different types of roses such as the red rose’s favorite of lovers, pink, white, black, blue and others. For every garden there is a rose that you can plant; rambling over shed, billowing over the fence, lined up in a driveway, potted in the tub. Many people think that it is difficult to plant flowers in the winter, but it is not entirely true. You can have a garden full of beautiful roses in winter as well. Here is a comprehensive guide one planting roses in the winter season.

Pruning roses in winter

Most of the roses need to be pruned in winter and this involves removing sixty percent of the growth including the weakest and oldest wood. Prune every rose bush so that the plant center is open, this will allow better air and sunshine to the stems. Keep the old roses unpruned; this will make them grow in the large shrubs.

If you want to grow climbing roses then you will have to remove the diseased and dead stems. Reduce all the side shoots into short shrubs about ten cm. Make sure that you are not pruning main stems. The main concern with the climbing roses is training not pruning. On fences and walls you can easily tie the new growth into proper position. Main shoots should be managed in such a way that they are as close as possible. On arches and pillars train the climbing roses into a spiral form. Resulting in a maximum flowering sided of the plant. We have seen plenty of flower growers and fresh flowers supplier in Bangalore and floral decorators in Delhi.

113133,xcitefun-rose-gardening-8Step to, step guide

Choose plantation soil

Roses are the tough flowers, but like others, they also need sunshine to grow and bloom. The more sunshine they will get, the more beautiful they will grow. In open space with lots of sunlight they will grow healthy and happy. In the shade they will have to go through a lot of struggle and might not reach to full potential. This is due to the fact; they will be infected with fungus in the shaded areas. Make sure that your plant gets enough sunlight, four hours is enough. If there are windy conditions then they will need protection.  For this you can use a hedge or a solid fence.

Preparation of soil

Roses can live a very long life only if the soil is prepared deep enough. This is done to hold the plants in place firmly. For roses the ideal soil is the one; best compost, organic matter should be rich, decaying cow manure is also excellent. Roses also grow in healthy clay because there is high moisture content in it including nutrients.  Make sure the clay that you use is not thick if it is then add gypsum and organic matter to break it.


Bare root roses

The roses that come in packed form are known as bare rooted and these plants should always be planted straight, this will prevent the bare root plants from dying. If you cannot plant them immediately, then place them in the hole and cover it properly with soil, make sure to water them on a daily basis until you are ready to plant them.


  • First of all dig a fifty centimeter deep hole. It should be wide enough so that the roots can grow properly. This will also provide the plant with the stability.
  • Add water in the hole this will saturate the soil before planting roses and then wait for some time for draining.
  • Mound  soil in the base  and then spread its roots all over
  • Make sure the graft; a knot on the stem will sit four centimeters above the ground.
  • Fill the hole with soil (step two)
  • Leave a depression  so that water can drain easily
  • Firm the soil  and again pour water (weed nutrient)
  • When you are planting roses make sure that you do not use fertilizers. This can burn roots that are new and this will result in dying of the plants.
  • Till new growth appears water them every day.
  • It will take ten to twelve days to establish a newly grown rose plant.

A few tips that can help

  • Roses will need a little bit more care in winters, thus these few tips will help you in maintaining them in the winter season.
  • Roses should be planted in sunny areas so that they get sunlight for growing
  • Keep on watering the plant, this will keep the soil moist but make sure you are not wetting it.
  • If you are planting the roses, indoor then make sure you give it plant food once in a month
  • Watch the problems closely such as disease or insects. If you see such then treat it immediately with fungicide.

These are the steps that you can follow to plant roses in winter. Make sure that you pay deep attention to the above mentioned tips to grow healthy and happy roses.Magical-Spring-garden-design-ideas