Gorgeous Blooms for Gorgeous Mothers In India

mothers day - 1Mother’s Day is right around the corner and sending a bouquet of blooms, filled with appreciation, gratitude and love is one of the best ways to delight that special and unique lady in your life. She is special, and deserves something special too.

Why send flowers on Mother’s Day?

Motherhood has been linked to spring and plants for absolute centuries, which symbolize life and fertility. They also symbolize beauty, purity and life, which is what our mothers are all about. Due to their symbolism, sending flowers on Mother’s Day has become a tradition, which many people follow for good reason. Flowers make you feel special, happy and content with heady scents and glorious blooms, it’s no wonder.

So, what is the reason that we give our mothers flowers on Mother’s Day? It’s largely to do with the history of Mother’s Day, which you can read about further down, their symbolism’s through the types of flowers and their colours and all that they represent. But besides that no one can resist those elegant and striking fresh blooms to celebrate a special day.

An Annual Tradition

We always celebrate Mother’s Day annually nowadays but it hasn’t always been this way. Most countries celebrate it on different days, but here in India we celebrate Mother’s Day on 10th May 2015. Each year we celebrate it on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day today it is a cultural event. There has always been a constant when it comes to Mother’s Day and that is the fact that flowers have always been associated with flowers. Flowers have different meanings and most blooms represent an emotion that is perfectly fitting for that special lady in your life.

mothers day - 2Mother’s Day History

When did Mother’s Day first become a day to be celebrated? Well it started back in 1907 by a woman named Anna Jarvis. Her mother had passed away on 9th May 1905. Anna mourned her mother’s death and asked that the day be remembered the world over to celebrate mother’s both living and those that had passed on. She went on a journey in search of making this a day to remember so that children all over would show their mother’s the admiration and love that they deserved and that this would reinforce family connections. Today white carnations are strongly associated with Mother’s Day as Anna sent a white carnation with every letter that she wrote.

mothers dayEventually Mother’s Day was officially recognized in May 1914. Back then every single mother wore a carnation on Mother’s Day. But not just white carnations were worn, it was other colours too. White carnations showed that a mother had passed on, and coloured carnations showed that the person’s mother was still alive and well and celebrated for the true heroine that she was.

So if you’re looking to really show admiration and respect and seal those family bonds, send a bouquet of carnations, that represent the real history behind Mother’s Day.

Here at Easy Flowers India, we have a huge selection of carnations and other blooms too, so that you can pick out the perfect bouquet or gift that shows your mother how much you cherish and adore her!

It has now become an incredibly special day for mothers around the world. Love your mother and never take her for granted-she has loved you from before you were born.