Flower Therapy Uses the Effect of Different Colors on Hormone Stimulation

floral7Flowers have been known as a popular decorating item, for delivering an aromatic fragrance in the surroundings as well as a way of expressing emotions. Apart from these common uses, flowers are also known for their medicinal uses, supported by different studies and researches. At Rutgers University, researchers discovered the use of flowers to elevate mood for a considerable time, while Chinese healers contradict this point by stating that the flowers are way more powerful.

They believe that flora can be used to convene the desired emotion or power, where the secret is thought to lie in their color. Since each color is known to be composed of a different light wave frequency, so the same is considered to set off a couple of responses by travelling across the optic nerved through the retina of the eye. This, in turn, releases neurotransmitters that are meant to provoke the creation of calming hormones such as melatonin, mood-boosting hormones such as serotonin and stimulating hormones such as adrenaline. However, several emotional as well as physical advantages of flowers that one can enjoy are provided below.

  • Red roses enhance energy: the wavelength of the red color is the longest and its vibratory rate is the slowest, which boosts the energy of the body by stimulating the adrenal glands.
  • Irises help boost confidence: The pineal gland of the brain is known to regulate the patterns of sleep, which is stimulated by the indigo color. Along with this, the color also helps in liberating the mind from inhibition, worries and fear.
  • Sunflowers enhance alertness: Yellow light is associated with the daylight and the rays of the sun and hence, believed to make people become more optimistic. Also, the same color stimulates the power of the brain to make you more decisive, clear headed and alert.
  • Bluebells instill a good sleep: The blue color is meant to trigger the fabrication of the melatonin chemical in the brain, which helps people get relaxed and sleep soundly. Along with this, blue color also excites the thyroid gland for the release of thyroxin hormone that is known of the regulation of metabolic rate.
  • Green Zinnias help in relaxation: Green color influences the nervous system, allowing the person to breathe deeply as well as slowly. This reduces the speed of the stress hormone production, helping in the relaxation of the heart.
  • Orange Daisies can prevent allergies: In order to ward off spring allergies, one needs to have strong lungs and immune system, for which the orange color is beneficial. Along with this, orange also affects the digestive system strongly in a beneficial manner as well as stimulating the sexual organs.
  • Lilacs help relieve stress: Violet color serves as a coolant and alleviates hot situations such as sunburn and heat rash as well as balancing metabolism and suppressing hunger. This color also stimulates the pituitary gland in the brain that is known to release beta-endophrins for fighting tension.

Thus, the above discussed points describe the use of different colors of flowers. Visit us at Indore outlet to have look at all variety of flowers.