Different Types of Balloons Available for Different Occasions

balloon decor 2Balloons have become an important part of all the celebrations for years, where everyone likes playing with them irrespective of their age. This is because balloons are able to lighten up the mood of every person, while multi-coloured ones can add a glitter and several colours to the parties, thereby glorifying them. Being an easier alternative to any other décor idea, these are a cheaper option too and are available in numerous sizes and shapes. Some common types being available in the market includes foil, helium filled, air filled and other balloons, which can be purchased as a single item or in bulk orders, as per the requirement.

Air filled Balloons

Different varieties of party balloons are available that can be filled with plain air, which could not fly or float in the air, but can be used to create different designs and figures. These are available in different colours, shapes and sizes that are commonly used by children as a toy, except their application as a décor item. Since they can’t float in the air above your heads, you can use them on a dance floor, tie around pillars, fan or other things, where they will add a beauty to the venue.

20411Helium filled balloons

These are a popular choice among several types available in the market, both as a decorating material as well as a play item for kids. Being filled with the helium gas that is lighter than the air around us, they float in the surrounding air and stay upright on a single string. Different decoration ideas can be implemented with these balloons, including balloon arches, clouds, swirled arches and hangings, giving an essence of style, glory and beauty to the celebration. Due to the presence of lighter helium gas, these balloons can disappear very soon in an open environment, for which decorated weights are available to control their placement as well as movement. Thus, you can enhance the fun at your party by getting a cluster of helium filled balloons and place it on the tabletops.

Foil Balloons

There is another variety of balloons that can be used as a perfect blend to the theme of your party as well as its decorations. Character foil balloons are used extensively to plan and decorate a themed party, where kids also like such cartoon characters and other figures, allowing you to see more happy faces at your party. These are made up of shiny foils and are filled with the use of helium gas or plain air and have a long deflationary time, making them last longer. Their durability stands high because of the foil material used, which makes them a perfect choice to be used at outdoor events and get any character or wording printed on them.

Metallic Balloons

This is another type of balloons that is reflective and glossy and is capable of adding a stylish and chic appearance to any event. To create a better decoration effect, transparent balloons are commonly mixed with this type.

Other Types

There are many more types of balloons available in the market that can be used for different types of occasions, as listed below:

  • There are pearlized latex balloons, which have a shining appearance, similar to the finish of a pearl. These can create a glazed outlook with the availability of many different and nice colours, which makes them a perfect choice for x19769.jpg.pagespeed.ic.LUu3Q5CuSkfancy events like weddings, bridal or baby showers and anniversaries.
  • If you prefer personalization, you can make the use of Mylar balloons that are available in a variety of shapes and themes and are used extensively all through the holidays, as people young by age or heart enjoy with these balloons. Apart from these, you can also get customized messages printed on these balloons, making them an ideal choice for special events like a convention, rally for a particular cause and similar dealings.

The Popularity of Balloons

A pretty and adorning beautification of an event is always appreciated by the guests, where the use of balloons and flowers in Bangalore is the fastest as well as the cheapest way to add attraction and fun to an event. With a myriad of collections, available in terms of different materials, sizes and shapes, you get access to a plethora of possibilities for decorating your party. Since balloons add a festive appearance to any event, the use of threads, colourful flowers, curling ribbons and several other decorating materials can help you impart a fresh appearance to the occasion.

Thus, with the addition of a little imagination stretch and creativity, a simple balloon can be used to impart stunning effects to any occasion. You can create clusters, columns or other decorative things with their use for interior as well exterior events like marriage, birthday balloons, anniversaries or any other personal as well as corporate events. You can either get balloons from the market and decorate your interiors on your own or hire a professional agency to do the work for you.