Different Methods Available to Preserve Flowers

howto_DryRedRosesGetting a bouquet of flowers as a gift is a great thing, where such presents are particularly offered on special occasions. The recipients, like to safeguard such gifts and preserve your memories for a considerable time. Many different ways are available that help people conserve flowers, out of which you can find the one that is a good match for the type of flowers you are having. However, some of the common methods like drying and pressing the flowers are discussed below to help you preserve your special memories.

Drying the Flowers

There are two ways available that are meant for drying flowers and keeping them safe for a long time.

  • An easy way to get your flowers, dried is to hang them, for which the flowers need to be tied up in an upside down manner. If you are having a large bouquet, you must divide all the flowers into small bunches and then hang them to dry, so as to make the process fast and consistent.
  • The second method that you can use for the purpose is to air dry the bunch of flowers. Place all the flowers in a plain layer and allow them to dry out, where the window screen is a good option as it helps the air to get circulated around them.

The process of drying could take around a week’s time, while both the ways discussed above are quite popular and effective for the preservation of flowers and the same can be kept for later use.




how-to-press-a-flower.019-600x400Pressing Flowers

Flower presses are readily available in the market that can be purchased for the purpose. They work similar to a vice and compress different layers of the flowers together for effective results. Apart from a press, you can use a book and keep the flower in between. Before using a book, you must layer the flower to prevent it from being damaged after getting pressed, for which the petals can be placed in a waxed paper or parchment paper. This is considered as a great method to safeguard flowers, while the pressed ones can be used in scrapbooks or any other thing.

Make a Potpourri

Apart from pressing or drying, another method popular among people is by making a potpourri out of the flowers. To proceed with this method, you need to follow the drying or the pressing procedure during which you need to be careful about the petals. If any of the petals gets damaged, the flower would become useless, while you need to add spices, herbs and essential oils to the dried flora. This addition will make the flowers deliver a great smell, after which, you can put them at any place to get the essence and fragrance spread to the area.

Preservation of the flowers is a common procedure followed around the world, for which you can follow one of the few different methods as discussed above. Safeguarding flowers help people keep them safe for a time period, much longer than they would actually last and hence, can be saved as memories of special occasions.

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