Different Flowers Used for their Skin Healing Benefits

chamomile roman flowerThe flowers are quite popular for their beauty and fragrance, while some are known for many other purposes than their appearance only. Floral extracts have been in use for a long time as healers and as beauty supplements. Moreover, their restorative power is still the best in the world, even when many modern ingredients have been discovered and prepared. Some flowers with their magical healing powers are discussed below.

Chamomile – Known for reducing puffiness, inflammation and ruddiness

Chamomile acts in a similar way to a rose, which helps in the elimination of the ruddy complexion alongside calming the skin as well as enhancing its elasticity. According to a famous aesthetician, this flower is a vasoconstrictor, which adds strength to the capillaries and hence, reduces the redness of the skin. Other professional states that German Chamomile and the Roman Chamomile. Out of these two types, the Roman one is known to have a higher azulene concentration, which contributes to the anti-inflammatory effect of this flower.

Rose – Reduces redness, regenerates aging skin and fights dryness

Rose is also called by its nickname, ‘queen of all flowers’ and is a suitable match for mature skin due to its hydrating properties. Another factor that has a say in its healing effect is the ability to mend broken blood vessels that are known to cause persistent redness because of the presence of Vitamin C in large concentration. However, this vitamin is not as harsh as the one derived from citrus and is hence, more tolerable. Along with these, a rose also provides a wonderful effect to the spirit, health and emotional well-being of an individual. This flower is referred as one among the most potent skin rejuvenating and holds a great power to preserve as well as purify the skin in real-time.

Hibiscus – serves as an antioxidant and exfoliates and revives skin

This flower is the main element of the Chinese medicine and is commonly utilized in Ayurvedic practices. Because of the presence of an ample amount of amino acids and anti-aging AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), it effectively helps in the revival of the skin. Hibiscus provides an endless list of skin-perfecting benefits as it tones, firms, exfoliates, controls oil production, hydrates and protects skin against premature aging. Along with these, this herb is also used in the preparation of anti-cellulite serums and creams. Moreover, it is also well-regarded for its abilities to replenish the scalp and stimulate the circulation of the blood. Most of the women having long, shiny and super thick hair are known to have been using oil extracted from this flower as an intense treatment for their hair.

Lotus – Calms dry skin

Lotus is an Asian derived flower that has a long history of about a thousand of years related to it, due to which it is believed to be a sacred plant. Being fragrant and sweet, this flower serves as a skin conditioner rich in antioxidants and is publicized for its ability to hydrate mature and parched skin in an intense manner. Along with this, it also helps in the promotion of the elastic complexion of the skin, erasing wrinkles and fine lines and fading brown spots. Additionally, the roots of this flower are full of anti-aging enzymes and contain a plenty of iron and Vitamins B & C, which are known to provide advantages for maintaining the health of the skin.

655016-Lavender-flowers_viewLavender – Known for balancing oil levels

Lavender is popularly known to serve as an antibacterial as well as an antiseptic, while it also offers numerous other benefits to the skin. Being a mild essential oil, this flower helps is normalizing dry, oily and sensitive skin types, which is caused by creating a balance of sebum production. Alongside, lavender is also usually used in spa treatments to provide relief from tension and stress and promotes a good rest at night by inducing the relaxation state.

Orchid – Renews the skin, fights free radicals and retains moisture

Orchid petals are often used in fragrances and help in the protection of skin from stressing elements present in the environment, while renewing and hydrating it as well. This plant has been known as a beauty staple for a long time in Asia, due to its protective and regenerative properties and is now finding its place in most of the mainstream products that promote the beauty of the skin.

Jasmine – Provides a relief from dry complexions and congested skin

Jasmine is a favorable plant for its tendency to hydrate and soften the skin as well as declog the pores. In actual, the wax of this plant is used in skin beauty products as using high-quality flowers might raise the cost of the products to a very high level.

There are several other plants and flowers that are used extensively in beauty products as well as home remedies because of their healing power. Thus, flowers are not only beautiful and fragrant, but they also tend to make human skin more fine and smooth.