7 Winter Wedding Flowers Ideas – Decorations for Weddings

Just because you are getting married in the winter doesn’t mean you can’t have a lavish display of flowers at your wedding. There is no shortage of beautiful possibilities that reflect the winter season. You can choose from flowers that are in season, or you can go with flowers that are out of season and opt for a color scheme. You can also combine both flowers that are in season with flowers that match your color scheme.winter-white-flowers

Winter Whites

White weddings are very popular in the winter months. An all white color scheme does not have to mean that you have bright white floral arrangements. Trendy brides are opting for soft antique white color schemes with flowers in cream, ivory and even pale blush hues. When you are looking for white flowers for a winter wedding consider amaryllis, cala lilies, orchids, tulips and anemones. A combination of these flowers can create and effect of gently modulated color and texture. Continue reading


out door weddingIf you are planning to have your big day in summers then let me inform you beforehand that planning and executing a summer wedding could be very, very challenging. For starters, weather during the summer season is highly unpredictable. One moment it is pleasant, and the next moment we have to endure peaked temperatures. Also, in this time period, people are looking forward to go on a vacation to relax themselves. Now, if you are preparing to have your wedding in summers, you need to take a million tiny details into consideration. One such detail is that of flowers. In order to make your wedding planning task a tad bit easier, I am here with some useful tips in selecting flowers for your big day. Continue reading