Proper Etiquette & FAQ for Choosing Flowers for a Funeral

funeral-flowers-etiquette1Sending flowers when someone passes away is common. The type of floral arrangement you send depends on the relationship you have with the survivors of the deceased. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sending flowers, the following information will help you feel confidentĀ  that you are making an appropriate decision.

Funeral flowers are sent because the help honor and celebrate life. Regardless of whether you send a formal or informal floral arrangement you need to include a handwritten note. A handwritten note helps provide comfort and lifts the spirits of the deceased persons family. When sending a floral arrangement avoid sending anything silly like balloons, stuffed animals, or animals on a stick.

It is also important to consider the faith of the deceased into consideration when you send funeral flowers. What may be acceptable in one faith may be offensive in another faith. If you are unsure ask a family member of the deceased before you send flowers. Continue reading