Gorgeous Blooms for Gorgeous Mothers In India

mothers day - 1Mother’s Day is right around the corner and sending a bouquet of blooms, filled with appreciation, gratitude and love is one of the best ways to delight that special and unique lady in your life. She is special, and deserves something special too.

Why send flowers on Mother’s Day?

Motherhood has been linked to spring and plants for absolute centuries, which symbolize life and fertility. They also symbolize beauty, purity and life, which is what our mothers are all about. Due to their symbolism, sending flowers on Mother’s Day has become a tradition, which many people follow for good reason. Flowers make you feel special, happy and content with heady scents and glorious blooms, it’s no wonder.

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How Birthday Traditions were started

celebrations2Have you ever wondered where all our birthday traditions were started, and why we do what we do on birthdays? Well, we’re going to give you the lowdown where all these traditions came from and what flowers to buy for that special birthday gift.

 Where did Cakes come from?

 Why do we bring out those special birthday cakes on the day?

  • Greeks used to present cakes at the temple of the goddess of the moon, Artemis. Those round cakes we love and know represented the full moon.
  • But it wasn’t just the Greeks that introduced cakes for birthdays, Germans made a cake called Geburtstagorten, which was used for birthdays.

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Proper Etiquette & FAQ for Choosing Flowers for a Funeral

funeral-flowers-etiquette1Sending flowers when someone passes away is common. The type of floral arrangement you send depends on the relationship you have with the survivors of the deceased. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sending flowers, the following information will help you feel confident  that you are making an appropriate decision.

Funeral flowers are sent because the help honor and celebrate life. Regardless of whether you send a formal or informal floral arrangement you need to include a handwritten note. A handwritten note helps provide comfort and lifts the spirits of the deceased persons family. When sending a floral arrangement avoid sending anything silly like balloons, stuffed animals, or animals on a stick.

It is also important to consider the faith of the deceased into consideration when you send funeral flowers. What may be acceptable in one faith may be offensive in another faith. If you are unsure ask a family member of the deceased before you send flowers. Continue reading

7 Winter Wedding Flowers Ideas – Decorations for Weddings

Just because you are getting married in the winter doesn’t mean you can’t have a lavish display of flowers at your wedding. There is no shortage of beautiful possibilities that reflect the winter season. You can choose from flowers that are in season, or you can go with flowers that are out of season and opt for a color scheme. You can also combine both flowers that are in season with flowers that match your color scheme.winter-white-flowers

Winter Whites

White weddings are very popular in the winter months. An all white color scheme does not have to mean that you have bright white floral arrangements. Trendy brides are opting for soft antique white color schemes with flowers in cream, ivory and even pale blush hues. When you are looking for white flowers for a winter wedding consider amaryllis, cala lilies, orchids, tulips and anemones. A combination of these flowers can create and effect of gently modulated color and texture. Continue reading

Help! I need to buy Flowers for my Anniversary

facebook-1200-627So, it’s your anniversary, congratulations, you’ve reached another milestone in your marriage. There is no doubt that there is nothing like a bunch of flowers to say ‘I love you’ and they represent romance and beauty. The love of your life will have a smile from ear to ear when you give a bouquet of flowers. But how in the world do you know what bouquet to buy with so much available.

There isn’t one specific way that you can choose flowers, but you can bear a couple of things in mind like favourite flowers, what the flower means and what the colour means as well as what flowers are traditionally associated with the anniversary year. For example, you don’t want to send a bunch of yellow carnations as they are oftenassociated as a sign of rejection or disappointment. That probably wouldn’t go down too well. Continue reading

Awesome Facts about Valentine’s Day

What would be a Valentine’s Day without fresh flowers?They have become the symbol of love the world-over to share your message of love. We’ve found out some brilliant facts on Valentine’s Day, as well as some facts on Valentine’s Day flowers to keep you smiling! Enjoy!

valetines day bouquet

  • Hardly surprisingly, but roses are the number one choice of flowers to send across the world. However, in Denmark they exchange dainty white snowdrop flowers instead!
  • In the US, The National Retail Federation estimates that the average last minute shopper will spend about $100 on Valentine’s Day flowers. But even more amazingly about 1% of shoppers, will only buy their flowers on the 15th! Now that’s last minute shopping if ever we’ve seen it.

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Some Less-Known Facts about Christmas and its History

Christmas is a sacred religious occasion as well as a commercial and cultural phenomenon observed worldwide. People celebrate this event across the world with the practices and traditions of both secular and religious nature. According to Christians, this day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of their spiritual leader, Jesus of Nazareth, whose teachings have formed their religion’s basis. Some of the popular customs followed by the people during Christmas include attending church, decorating Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus and sharing of meals with friends and family members. This day has been observed as a federal holiday since 1870 in the US. Continue reading