Different Types of Balloons Available for Different Occasions

balloon decor 2Balloons have become an important part of all the celebrations for years, where everyone likes playing with them irrespective of their age. This is because balloons are able to lighten up the mood of every person, while multi-coloured ones can add a glitter and several colours to the parties, thereby glorifying them. Being an easier alternative to any other décor idea, these are a cheaper option too and are available in numerous sizes and shapes. Some common types being available in the market includes foil, helium filled, air filled and other balloons, which can be purchased as a single item or in bulk orders, as per the requirement.

Air filled Balloons

Different varieties of party balloons are available that can be filled with plain air, which could not fly or float in the air, but can be used to create different designs and figures. These are available in different colours, shapes and sizes that are commonly used by children as a toy, except their application as a décor item. Since they can’t float in the air above your heads, you can use them on a dance floor, tie around pillars, fan or other things, where they will add a beauty to the venue. Continue reading