Different Flowers Used for their Skin Healing Benefits

chamomile roman flowerThe flowers are quite popular for their beauty and fragrance, while some are known for many other purposes than their appearance only. Floral extracts have been in use for a long time as healers and as beauty supplements. Moreover, their restorative power is still the best in the world, even when many modern ingredients have been discovered and prepared. Some flowers with their magical healing powers are discussed below.

Chamomile – Known for reducing puffiness, inflammation and ruddiness

Chamomile acts in a similar way to a rose, which helps in the elimination of the ruddy complexion alongside calming the skin as well as enhancing its elasticity. According to a famous aesthetician, this flower is a vasoconstrictor, which adds strength to the capillaries and hence, reduces the redness of the skin. Other professional states that German Chamomile and the Roman Chamomile. Out of these two types, the Roman one is known to have a higher azulene concentration, which contributes to the anti-inflammatory effect of this flower.

Rose – Reduces redness, regenerates aging skin and fights dryness

Rose is also called by its nickname, ‘queen of all flowers’ and is a suitable match for mature skin due to its hydrating properties. Another factor that has a say in its healing effect is the ability to mend broken blood vessels that are known to cause persistent redness because of the presence of Vitamin C in large concentration. However, this vitamin is not as harsh as the one derived from citrus and is hence, more tolerable. Along with these, a rose also provides a wonderful effect to the spirit, health and emotional well-being of an individual. This flower is referred as one among the most potent skin rejuvenating and holds a great power to preserve as well as purify the skin in real-time. Continue reading

Flower Therapy Uses the Effect of Different Colors on Hormone Stimulation

floral7Flowers have been known as a popular decorating item, for delivering an aromatic fragrance in the surroundings as well as a way of expressing emotions. Apart from these common uses, flowers are also known for their medicinal uses, supported by different studies and researches. At Rutgers University, researchers discovered the use of flowers to elevate mood for a considerable time, while Chinese healers contradict this point by stating that the flowers are way more powerful. Continue reading

The Top Flowering Plants Pollinated by Bees and Butterflies

gardeningRegarding gardening

Gardening is one of the best hobbies of many people round the Earth. For the sake of flower gardening, the best pollination flowers are to be used. Pollination is the process by which the pollen grains of the flowers are transferred from one place to another with the feet of the bees and the butterflies. By this method new flower plants grow in the gardens. Thus, this is the most natural way of flowering plant growth in extensive gardens in the world. There are some species of flowers in the world who are more prone to pollination than other flowers. Continue reading

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Love Is the Strongest Emotion In The World

love flowers 1Love is the strongest emotion in the world, and one that demands and also deserves celebration all around the year. The big moments and the little ones both combine to give love the magical feeling that it has. Summers are the prime time for love, when life gets better and easier, and love becomes the priority, therefore, this summer, you should dedicate each day to love.
There is so much that you can do along with your loved one to rejoice your love. One of these activities is a day at the beach. Continue reading

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The Art of Arranging Flowers in a Vase

flowers in vaseHistory of Flower Arrangement in a vase

It is believed that the Chinese were the first ones to put cut flowers in water container and it was in Japan that flower arrangement became an art. Japanese people take flower arrangement in a vase very seriously and consider it as a subject that needs to be studied and practiced. Later in Europe people started putting flowers in vases and large and beautiful vases made of precious metals and stones were crafted. And thus with time the art of flower arrangement in vase spread all over the globe and is considered a thing of beauty now. Continue reading

Carnations- the Symbol of Love and Purity

flowers carnationsCarnations are one of the most good looking and graceful flower in the world. It is very popular flower to everyone. It is widely known with its scientific name that is ‘Dianthus’. It is a combination of two Greek words. One is ‘Dios’ which means God Zeus and another is ‘Anthos’ which means Flower. So, in one sentence it is ‘The flower of God’.  It soothes everyone’s eyes. Think of a day, you are returning from your office and feeling very much exhausted and after reaching home, your loved one greet you with a bouquet of carnations. Do not you feel rejuvenated after seeing those beautiful carnations? You surely will and that is the power and magic of carnations. It gives you a fresh feeling.


Carnation is herbaceous perennial plant. It can grow up to 80 cm tall. It generally has 15 cm long leaves of glacous blue green or grayish green color. Sometimes carnations flower are produced singly or in group of five which is called cyme. These sweetly scented flowers are generally 3 to 5 cm long. Originally, Carnations are generally pinkish purple in color but due to technological advancement, cultivators nowadays grow carnations in different colors like white, green, red and yellow. Continue reading