Carnations- the Symbol of Love and Purity

flowers carnationsCarnations are one of the most good looking and graceful flower in the world. It is very popular flower to everyone. It is widely known with its scientific name that is ‘Dianthus’. It is a combination of two Greek words. One is ‘Dios’ which means God Zeus and another is ‘Anthos’ which means Flower. So, in one sentence it is ‘The flower of God’.  It soothes everyone’s eyes. Think of a day, you are returning from your office and feeling very much exhausted and after reaching home, your loved one greet you with a bouquet of carnations. Do not you feel rejuvenated after seeing those beautiful carnations? You surely will and that is the power and magic of carnations. It gives you a fresh feeling.


Carnation is herbaceous perennial plant. It can grow up to 80 cm tall. It generally has 15 cm long leaves of glacous blue green or grayish green color. Sometimes carnations flower are produced singly or in group of five which is called cyme. These sweetly scented flowers are generally 3 to 5 cm long. Originally, Carnations are generally pinkish purple in color but due to technological advancement, cultivators nowadays grow carnations in different colors like white, green, red and yellow.

Red Carnations

Red Carnation is symbol of deep love and passion. If you love someone madly, give a bunch of red carnations as it is floral needenough to depict all your feelings. Just like red rose, it is nowadays become very much popular among the lovers. A bunch of fresh red carnations has the power to melt anyone’s heart.

White Carnations

White Carnations are very much popular among the people. It is an important ingredient in bridal ceremony.  It symbolizes purity and pure love. Sweet love and devotion can also be used as synonyms for white carnations.

Pink Carnations

Carnations are flower for celebrating mother’s love and that is why it is an emblem of mother’s day celebration.  floral requirementsAccording to the mythological story, people belief that pink carnations first produced from the tears of Virgin Mary.  And that is why, among the all type of carnations, people generally gift pink carnations to his or her mother on this special day. Whether this mythological story is true or not, pink carnations are definitely the symbol of undying love of mother.

Yellow Carnations

Be cautious before choosing a particular color of carnation. Everyone carries a specific meaning. Though yellow carnations look gorgeous, it symbolizes rejection and disdain. So, it will be wise not to gift yellow carnations to anyone whom you love.

Purple Carnations

Like yellow carnations, purple carnations also depict some tragic meaning. A bouquet of purple carnation is definitely lovely to look at but it carries meaning like unreliability, capriciousness and fickleness to the person whom you are going to give it.

Types of Carnations:

Carnations are cultivated in mainly three ways. One is large flower carnations. In this type, you will get one large flower in each tem. Other is mini or spray carnations where a lot of smaller flowers grow together. And the last one is Dwarf carnations in which many small flowers grow in one stem.

How to grow Carnations:

If you have your own garden in front of your house and want to grow carnations flower in it, you need to some tips that will help in growing the carnations more rapidly. First of all, the soil in which you will plant carnations should be friable, deep and sandy loam which is helpful for growing of carnations. Spring is the best time to plant carnation trees as the climate in this time is most suitable for growing the carnations trees. For planting new carnation trees, cutting should be made very much efficiently. Cutting should be done from the base as it will make the best plant.

How to Care Carnations:

Growing carnations is not an easy task as you need to take a lot of care after plantation. Carnations should be kept moist always and it needs at least 3-4 hours full sun every day. For continuous blooming, flowers should be removed properly.  Soil should be irrigated properly for getting a full bloom carnation flower.  Proper amount of watering is very much important for growing of carnation flowers as overwatering may turn the plant yellow.  Plucking of carnations should be done very carefully leaving three four nodes at the base. Stopping, pinching and disbudding should be done on a regular interval as it will help in growing the plant.  Keep these points in mind as it will definitely help you in growing beautiful carnation flower.

From the age of 8 to 80, carnations are loved by everyone.  If you are confused about what color you should gift to your loved one, make bouquet with every color in the rainbow. It will definitely going to be a fascinating gift for her.