Awesome Facts about Valentine’s Day

What would be a Valentine’s Day without fresh flowers?They have become the symbol of love the world-over to share your message of love. We’ve found out some brilliant facts on Valentine’s Day, as well as some facts on Valentine’s Day flowers to keep you smiling! Enjoy!

valetines day bouquet

  • Hardly surprisingly, but roses are the number one choice of flowers to send across the world. However, in Denmark they exchange dainty white snowdrop flowers instead!
  • In the US, The National Retail Federation estimates that the average last minute shopper will spend about $100 on Valentine’s Day flowers. But even more amazingly about 1% of shoppers, will only buy their flowers on the 15th! Now that’s last minute shopping if ever we’ve seen it.

  • To qualify as a long=stemmed rose, the flower must have a stem length of between 24 to 36 inches and the blossom must be between 2 and 4 inches long. These are special roses so they get carefully cultivated, with special pruning techniques and strict greenhouse climate control. That’s quite a process!
  • Did you know that about 15% of American women in the US send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day too? Why not, you might as well treat yourself! We think it’ a great idea. Also men also like receiving flowers…36% of women bought flowers for their spouses. So it doesn’t matter what type of relationship you’re in, or even if you aren’t, people all over the world spoil each other with the gift of blooms.Love bouquet
  • One of the most fantastic gifts of love ever seen is the Taj Mahal. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his wife. Incredibly romantic.
  • About 3% of pet owners give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.
  • There are about 220,000 wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year. If you’re doing that, then flowers are a must!
  • Valentine’s Day was first introduced to Japan in 1936 and has become widely popular. However, because due to a translation error made by a chocolate company, only women buy Valentine chocolates for their spouses, boyfriends, or friends. It is the only day of the year that loads of single women reveal their crush on a man by giving him chocolate. The favour only gets returned on White Day, which is like a type of “answer day” to Valentine’s Day, which is on March 14.
  • This is unbelievable. In the US, nearly 189 million stems of roses are sold in the US.
  • On Valentine’s Day 2010, in Mexico City, 39,897 people broke the record for the world’s largest group kiss. That must have been something to see.
  • Ribbons, which often adorn bouquets of flowers and gifts, dates all the way back to the Middle Ages, when knights competed in tournaments, their sweethearts gave them ribbons for good luck.
  • If you want to ‘catch a person’s heart’ then make sure you choose a bouquet of flowers, chocolate or gift with lace on it. The word “lace” comes from the Latinlaques, meaning “to snare or net.” That lace will have them eating out the palm of your hands.
  • The first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day was made in the 1800s by Richard
  • If you want some good luck all year round make sure you get a kiss on Valentine’s Day.
  • We know that many people buy flowers on Valentine’s Day in Mumbai and Pune, but the colours have different meanings. Red means love, yellow means friendship, and pink means friendship or sweetheart. Red carnations mean admiration, white carnations mean pure love, red chrysanthemums mean love and the primrose means young love. So choose carefully!
  • In 2010, 25% of adults bought flowers or plants as a Valentine’s gift. Of these, 60% were men and 40% were women. Men mainly buy flowers for romantic reasons, and women buy flowers for their mothers, friends and even theirbeloveds.
  • Here are some popular Valentine flowers, which have important meanings!Valentine_s_Day_Roses
    • Acacia – mystery love
    • Carnations – adoration
    • Coxcomb – not a traditional flower, but it certainly makes an impression
    • Daffodils – unrequited adoration
    • Dandelions or Jonquil – these say ‘love me’
    • Daisy – reliability
    • Forget-me-nots – dedicated adoration
    • Gloxinia – choose purple, pink or red about your consuming adoration
    • Iris – promise of adoration
    • Orchid – a sensational affirmation of adoration
    • Violets – these mean ‘I cherish you’


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