out door weddingIf you are planning to have your big day in summers then let me inform you beforehand that planning and executing a summer wedding could be very, very challenging. For starters, weather during the summer season is highly unpredictable. One moment it is pleasant, and the next moment we have to endure peaked temperatures. Also, in this time period, people are looking forward to go on a vacation to relax themselves. Now, if you are preparing to have your wedding in summers, you need to take a million tiny details into consideration. One such detail is that of flowers. In order to make your wedding planning task a tad bit easier, I am here with some useful tips in selecting flowers for your big day.outdoor wedding

Since you are having your wedding ceremony in summers, I would suggest you choose bright and vibrant colored flowers. They truly enhance the beauty of the ceremony with their bold and lively nature, and also match the summery feel of the season. Lilies, sunflowers and roses are some of the bright colored flowers that blossom in winter and are a perfect pick for your wedding.

Your wedding event is decorated with a wide variety of flowers. Therefore, a tremendous amount of attention shall be paid in their selection process. First of all, keep in mind that each kind of flower serves a different purpose and delivers individual messages. Which flowers are in the bride’s bouquet? Which flowers are placed on the guests’ tables? They all have their own motive. However, no matter how different their purposes are, they all should be complimenting each other and collectively enhancing the enchanting beauty of the occasion.outdoor wedding1

Your wedding happens once in your life, at least in most cases. You want everything to be perfect at this day. Now we all know that flowers don’t have an extensive life span and considering you are having your wedding in summers, this limited life of flowers could be a stressful point for you. After all, you wouldn’t want your wedding pictures to have dead or drying flowers? So, to keep your flowers fresh for longer time periods, keep them out of the reach of sunlight and water them regularly in long summer days.