7 Winter Wedding Flowers Ideas – Decorations for Weddings

Just because you are getting married in the winter doesn’t mean you can’t have a lavish display of flowers at your wedding. There is no shortage of beautiful possibilities that reflect the winter season. You can choose from flowers that are in season, or you can go with flowers that are out of season and opt for a color scheme. You can also combine both flowers that are in season with flowers that match your color scheme.winter-white-flowers

Winter Whites

White weddings are very popular in the winter months. An all white color scheme does not have to mean that you have bright white floral arrangements. Trendy brides are opting for soft antique white color schemes with flowers in cream, ivory and even pale blush hues. When you are looking for white flowers for a winter wedding consider amaryllis, cala lilies, orchids, tulips and anemones. A combination of these flowers can create and effect of gently modulated color and texture.red wedding flowers

Rich Reds

In recent years rich reds have become a staple for weddings that are held within the moths of December and February. Before you can choose red flowers you need to know what flowers are in bloom during the winter months. The best red blossoms in winter are amaryllis, anemones, roses, gloriosa, lilies, cala lilies, and cymbidium orchids. Not many florist will make a singular bouquet of flowers with just one type of bloom. Most florist create mixed arrangements that incorporate multiple flower types. This is true of both bouquets and table arrangements. Consider flowers in shades of ruby, wine, deep orange and plum.blue-wedding-flowers

Stark Blue

Adding elements of stark blue can help add dimension to your white winter wedding palate. Consider adding dutch iris. Or, add tall spikes of blue with larkspur and delphinium. Don’t over do it with the blue, just a punch of color here and there goes a long way.colorful-wedding-flowers

Colorful Choices

If you don’t want to go with a red or white color palate you don’t have to. There are flowers in season that boast every color of the rainbow. Tulips and snapdragons both thrive in this cool season. Both of these flowers look great in bouquets, so they are an ideal fit for a wedding. Pink and yellow look great together and you can use a Marble Star poinsettia to bring the color scheme together. Bold pink is another color that can be used to add a touch of drama to a winter wedding. Pink looks great with white so it is a natural accent color for a white wedding. Shades of green also look great for a winter wedding. Green can work as a color all it own or as an accent color for white.wedding-flowers-fillers


When you are creating floral arrangements for your winter wedding you will want to break up the stark white or red palate by adding some filler to your arrangements. Baby’s breath looks really nice with roses and it stays with the red and white color scheme. You may also want to add sage green lamb’s ear, or silvery Dusty Miller leaves to a white or red bouquet. This will add a frosty effect that is both seasonal and aesthetically pleasing.

Non-Floral Elements

Adding non-floral elements can help add texture and dimension to your winter wedding floral display. Consider adding snow-berries, or viburnum, pepper berries or hypericum to your floral arrangements. Doing so adds both a touch of season and dimension. If you don’t want to add these elements to you table center pieces or bouquets consider adding them to you boutonnieres. Consider a single white rose with a cluster of snow-berries, or a red rose with eucalyptus leaf.  Bleeding-heart blooms in shades of pink and white look great paired with a delicate fern or ivy. wedding-flowers-greenary


To compliment a winter wedding palate consider adding seasonally available greenery. Boxwood, rosemary, ivy, scented geranium, and pittosporum all look great with winter flowers. To integrate  some contrast and drama add hypericum berries, tallow berries of pink pepper berries. Lamb’s ear also works and it is usually available in the winter. The silvery tone of lamb’s ear blends well with the red and white colors of winter flowers. You can even add pine-cones and holly to you wedding arrangements.